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Success Stories at Regional Brain & Spine

Patients share how they have overcome pain and injury with help from our team.

Some of our patients have graciously volunteered to share their struggles and their joy of recovery in order to encourage others.

These stories make no claims or promises to aid viewers in achieving similar outcomes. Always consult with your doctor first about any medical issue.

“For weeks, I had been experiencing severe and debilitating pain in my left scapula, with pain radiating to my left shoulder and down my left arm, with numbness and tingling. I had limited mobility of my left arm and first three fingers of my left hand. I had tried physical therapy three times a week, along with doing traction and exercises at home. I also wore a TENS unit throughout the day while at work. Nothing helped.

“I was referred to Regional Brain & Spine. I’m so glad! I only wish I had gone there initially, and saved myself from weeks and weeks of discomfort…

“Dr. Tolentino reviewed my symptoms, health history, x-rays, and prior interventions. He, and his PAs were so kind, knowledgeable, and comforting. They answered all my questions and made me feel completely confident and comfortable with my decision to pursue surgical intervention.

“On January 24, 2014, I had cervical fusion surgery, at the Surgery Center. My freedom from pain was immediate! I woke from surgery with absolutely no pain, numbness or tingling at all! My only discomfort was wearing the neck brace for 10 days, until my first post-op visit. I never had to take another pain pill, and I actually felt so good, I had to remind myself that I had had major surgery!… My only ongoing restriction is no overhead work, and to limit looking directly up and/or down. I have returned to the gym and have resumed my exercise program. I feel amazing!

“The healthcare team at Regional Brain & Spine are exceptional!… Dr. Tolentino and his entire team were caring and professional, and sincerely interested in my return to optimal health. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” – Betsy

“I began seeing Dr. Cleaver for severe back pain and he sent me for an MRI that showed I had two herniated discs. My pain couldn’t be managed by medication alone, so Dr. Vaught performed surgery on me. I received medication that really minimized my pain leading up to the surgery, so I was able to keep working.

“I’ve never been to a medical office like Regional Brain & Spine before and now I would never go anywhere else. From the minute I walked through the door they treated me like I was a lifelong patient instead of a new patient. Sara and Stephanie called me after each of my tests and were always up to speed on everything. Dr. Cleaver and Dr. Vaught were also very caring. They collaborated on my treatment, I was impressed at how quickly they got me in for surgery.

“I tell people that if you ever have to have surgery, Regional Brain & Spine is where you should go.” – Kara S.

“I had a ruptured disc and was in great pain. Dr. Vaught and the entire team at Regional Brain & Spine were compassionate and proactive in seeking solutions for me. Dr. Vaught personally spent nearly two hours showing me MRIs, answering questions and explaining my situation in terms I could understand. He even investigated alternative treatments for wound healing with a plastic surgeon and sought options for pain treatment with Dr. Cleaver.

“The entire team at Regional Brain & Spine was fantastic. At the office
I was always greeted by friendly smiles and gently guided through the process. The physician assistants are knowledgeable, friendly and 
professional and they immediately find a way to make you feel at ease in the exam room. It’s evident that the entire staff enjoys helping others.

“No one wants to go to a specialist—it can be scary, confusing and overwhelming—especially when you are in pain. Regional Brain & Spine makes the experience better and is a place you don’t mind coming back to.” – Greg K.

“I was in a lot of pain and had tried many pain medications without success. My doctor contacted Regional Brain & Spine and Dr. Reis visited me at Southeast Missouri Hospital to discuss putting in a pain pump.

“Dr. Reis explained the procedure clearly to me and my family. Once the pain pump was in place, I felt relief right away. During my follow-up visits, the doctors and staff took a lot of time with me, made sure my medication was working effectively and even helped with the paperwork. I would definitely tell others to go to Regional Brain & Spine. They’ve taken very good care of me.” – Goldie H.

“I had been suffering from back and leg pain for years. When I saw Dr. Vaught, he explained that I would need spinal surgery to relieve pressure on the nerves that were causing my pain. Dr. Vaught was very caring, and told me that he would do his best to help me. Since my surgery, my health has improved 100%. I would highly recommend Regional Brain & Spine. I am very thankful for Dr. Vaught and his staff.”  – Mary L


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