Regenerative Medicine

Essential relief for hips, knees, shoulders, plantar fasciitis, SI joint pain, facet (joints in the spine) pain, discogenic pain, and tendonitis.

Healing after an injury involves a well- orchestrated and complex series of events where proteins in the blood act as messengers to regulate the entire process. Many proteins involved in the healing process are derived from small cell fragments in the blood called platelets.

Platelets are small, colorless, cell fragments present in the blood. They are formed in the bone marrow and are freely passing through the bloodstream in a resting state. However, when an injury occurs, the platelets become activated and start to gather at the injury site to release beneficial proteins called growth factors. This is the beginning of the healing process.

For many years, blood components derived from the patient and then delivered to the site of injury have created growing interest in this approach. New research and technology has expanded the application of this therapy.

Regional Brain & Spine currently offers 3 forms of Regenerative Medicine.

To learn more about these options please click the following links:
BMAC,   PRP,   and   Amniotic Suspension injections



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