Patrick Hammond, PA-C

Patrick Hammond, PA-C

Patrick Hammond, PA-CBoard Certified: Physician Assistant
PA: Cuyahoga College, Cleveland, OH
BS: Central University of Iowa, Pella, IA; Medical Technologist, California State University, Bakersfield, CA

In 2004, Patrick Hammond became Regional Brain & Spine’s first physician assistant. Prior to becoming a PA, Patrick spent 10 years as a medical technologist and chemistry supervisor. He was inspired to enter the field when his father was battling a painful health condition, and Patrick observed a PA providing his father with exceptional care, compassion and advocacy.

Patrick takes a great deal of responsibility for the health of his patients. His approach is professional, yet casual and highly relatable. He listens carefully to each patient’s concerns. After a diagnosis is made, he takes time to clearly communicate treatment options and what to expect at every step.

Patrick loves seeing the results that can be achieved with surgical expertise and a cohesive team approach. When patients seek help for challenging health problems, he sees it as an opportunity to help them reclaim part of their life back.

Patrick is married with two young daughters. He and his family enjoy traveling, movies, friends and their church.