What is Pain Management?

Sometimes the intensity & duration of physical pain can get to the point where we can no longer manage it. This is turn creates a situation where we can no longer manage our lives as we once did, because chronic pain can be debilitating. This is the time when we have most likely already tried everything else. This is the time to learn about professional pain management.

Pain management is a specialized field of medicine. If you need help in managing your pain, it is best to seek out a highly qualified doctor who specializes in this branch of medicine.  Pain management at its best is both interventional and interdisciplinary.

Successful pain management often employs a team of medical professionals from various areas of medicine. This approach incorporates a range of modalities, all contributing to the goal of reducing and alleviating acute pain. There are also a wide range of interventional procedures that help us to understand the exact source of the pain and how best to treat it.

So what are the actual treatments used to manage pain? At Regional Brain and Spine we specialize in interventional pain management by using cutting edge techniques including spinal cord stimulation, radio frequency ablation, nerve blocks and epidural steroid injections and direct drug administration.

As part of their patient education, The American Academy of Pain Medicine has put together this comprehensive ‘Facts and Figures on Pain’ in an effort to inform and educate people about the challenge of chronic pain.

For more information on what you can expect from pain management at Regional Brain and Spine, watch this truly inspiring video of our Board Certified Pain Management Specialist, Christopher Reis, DO, DABA, DABPM.

If you feel you need help managing your pain, do make an appointment with a qualified pain management specialist as soon as possible. Regional Brain and Spine serves Southeast Missouri, Western Kentucky & Southern Illinois. For more information, call (573) 290-3973.

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