Neurosurgeons in Cape Girardeau talk about getting the best results from spine and back surgery.

You’ve probably heard that Tiger Woods missed the Masters golf tournament this year as he recovers from a back surgery called microdiscectomy for a pinched nerve. Tiger’s great attitude about his surgery and recovery is inspiring. He plans to get back to competing as soon as possible, and says there are still a few records he’d like to break. He has every reason to expect that his recovery will go well, especially with the advancements in spinal surgery like those our neurosurgeons use at Regional Brain & Spine in Cape Girardeau.

This story reminds us that many of our patients come to Regional Brain & Spine with pain, immobility and often, fear about treatment, especially if back or spine surgery is needed. There are so many misconceptions about back surgery: that the recovery is long and painful, that surgery won’t fix the problem, or that it’s just not worth it.

While it’s true that surgery isn’t always the answer, in some cases it is the best course of treatment for relieving back pain. The key to getting the best outcome from back surgery is to work with board certified neurosurgeons who have specific experience in the latest, best approaches in minimally invasive spinal surgery, like the doctors at Regional Brain & Spine.

The key to having a positive experience with back pain treatment is to find a doctor who partners with you to make sure you’re getting the right treatment, and who keeps you fully informed about the entire process.

Our board certified neurosurgeons Doctor Kevin Vaught, Doctor Paul Tolentino and Doctor Kyle Colle  spend one-on-one time with our patients, answering questions, discussing back pain treatments and dispelling misconceptions about back surgery. It’s an important part of providing quality care and our doctors enjoy that patient interaction.

They make sure each person they see understands the treatment options available to them. They explain the risks and benefits of back pain treatments, including nonsurgical treatment options for pain management, physical rehabilitation and the latest back and spine surgeries. Dr. Vaught, Dr. Tolentino and Dr. Colle along with our certified physician assistants and advanced practice nurses are with our patients every step of the way, from the first consultation, through all stages of treatment and recovery.

If you have back pain, spine pain or have been told that you need a surgery like a microdiscectomy, spinal fusion, disc replacement or other back surgery, talk with the neurosurgeons at Regional Brain & Spine to find out how they can help. Our team is dedicated to giving you the best results possible and to making back treatment a positive experience for you.

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Regional Brain & Spine offers you expanded choices and greater convenience.

  • Our main office is located on the campus of Southeast Missouri Hospital at: 1723 Broadway, Suite 410 • Cape Girardeau
  • We make state-of-the-art spine treatment and minimally invasive surgical treatments convenient and affordable at our freestanding, outpatient surgery center: West Park Surgery Center • 319 S. Silver Springs Road • Cape Girardeau
  • We offer weekly neurosurgery clinics in Perryville & Sikeston – call for appointment info.
  • On the campus of Perry County Memorial Hospital: 212 Hospital Lane Suite 202 • Perryville
  • In the Health Facilities Rehab building: 1102 Sikes Avenue • Sikeston
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