Perryville Clinic

Dr. Kevin A. Vaught of Regional Brain and Spine now offering a neurosurgical Perryville Clinic

Does constant back pain, head injury, or brain disease stop you from living the life you love?

Regional Brain and Spine’s caring team of professional medical specialists and physicians are here to help!

Dr. Vaught’s commitment to patient care has led him to fulfill an unmet medical need in the communities within and surrounding Perry County. Dr. Vaught takes great pride in being able to offer expert care for acute and chronic back pain, pinched nerve pain, brain injury and other painful brain and spinal conditions to the Perryville community.­

His team is highly trained in medication safety and surgical procedures. You can depend on their team approach to provide you with the most appropriate accurate and timely medical care possible.

At Regional Brain and Spine, you have many treatment options available, including:

  • Coordinated non surgical Pain Management care
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Complex Brain and Spine surgical care

Serving Perry County, our Perryville clinic is located near the Perry County Memorial Hospital, off of S. Kingsway Highway at 212 Hospital Lane, Suite 202.

Regional Brain and Spine’s Perryville clinic is open 8AM to Noon on Mondays.

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Regional Brain and Spine
Perryville Clinic
212 Hospital Lane, Suite 202
Perryville, MO 63775