Cape Girardeau spine surgeon introduces Forteo drug therapy to reduce the risk of fractures.

Have you or a loved one suffered one or more compression fractures of the neck or spine? At Regional Brain & Spine in Cape Girardeau, we treat this condition with leading-edge surgical techniques and nonsurgical therapies. Our goal is always to relieve the pain of a compression fracture and return you to your highest level of function.

With a spinal compression fracture, there is a risk of re-fracture, which may be increased if you have a history of osteoporosis or have been on certain medications that may weaken bones, such as prednisone. Now, there’s a new option for reducing the risk of re-fracture called Forteo.

Forteo is a bone-building medication used primarily for people who have osteoporosis and who are at high risk for fractures. I provide this therapy along with Physician Assistant and Physician Assistant Dennis Paul for certain patients who have been treated for spinal compression fractures. Many of these patients have had a surgery called kyphoplasty to treat the collapsing bone of the affected vertebrae.

I wanted to address the underlying cause of re-fractures in our patients who have had kyphoplasty, rather than performing multiple procedures when re-fractures occur. That’s why Forteo can be so beneficial for the right candidate. It can strengthen the bone invertebrae and reduce the risk of developing another fracture.


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